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Human Rights and Self-determination

Persistent violence and state breakdown have devastated the MENA region, sweeping away expectations for self-determination at every opportunity: Syria’s civil war has yet to come to an end, Libya remains embroiled in a protracted conflict, Yemen has been plunged into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Economic and Political Instability

The Middle East has been mired by chronic economic and political instability for decades. Dysfunctional economic systems, corruption, and political crises have led to almost 22% of the MENA region’s population suffering from poverty. In addition, the region’s reliance on foreign countries and foreign investors has led it to compromise on some of the most basic needs of the people in the Middle East and North Africa.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Middle East has always attracted major global powers due to its abundant natural resources and geostrategic importance. Partly due to that, the Middle East has become a war-prone region in which extra-regional powers have intervened for decades. As a result, the MENA region continues to be thrown into chaos, often leading to power vacuums which only complicate the hope of peace.

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